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Repair, restoration, reproduction and sale of brass, bronze and copper antiques

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"A copper that has turned black from the weather may need to be polished by machine to bring back its original hue."

Is your brass door furniture looking old and tarnished?

Then Brass Master Antiques is the answer. We repolish and lacquer your fittings to look like new again.

We also offer restored brass, copper and bronze antiques plus period fittings for sale:
"As if by magic our tiger was returned a couple of weeks later restored to his former glory."

Katie Rowen

At Brass Master Antiques, we also offer the following services:

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Brass Master Antiques 
Unit 4 
Watford Enterprise Centres 
25 Greenhill Crescent 
Watford Business Park 
WD18 8XU 

Tel: 0771 3526495 or 01923 728634 
Fax: 0872 3528472 

Brass Master Antiques - Antiques - Repair, Restoration, Reproduction and Sale of Brass, Bronze and Copper Antiques

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